Electrode Information

While titanium and platinum have for a long time been considered relatively inert and biologically compatible materials, some of my customers have expressed concern about the possible toxic effects of titanium. This appears to be mainly due the the article published at www.holisticdental.org/titaniumtoxicity.html which article was removed from the site. Another useful article is found here, but it has to do mainly with implants which may not apply to the consumption of titanium ions.

I have asked my scientist consultant, Vinny Pinto at http://h-minus-ion.vpinf.org about the toxicity of titanium and platinum, and his opinion was that if you are going to use electrolysis to ionize water, titanium and platinum are the best metals to use, and furthermore, even platinum has some toxic effects, but he wouldn't elaborate what those were because he was doing research for another client.

My opinion is that ionized water seems to have a great many benefits which outweight the possible toxic effects of metals. You would by now be aware of these benefits or you wouldn't be reading this. You can consider using detox patches to remove metals from the body.

Our electrodes are made from platinum plated titanium. The platinum is certified to ASTM-B265.

Electrode Life
The platinum plating on the electrodes will last for 10 years if used every day three hours a day.