Biological Terrain and Body pH

Learn how to measure your terrain to avoid cancer and other diseases.

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The Link to Cancer

American medicine does not seem to be able to predict the onset of cancer, does not know the cause. If you place your health in the hands of an MD, there will be no warning, and no prevention for cancer. Such is not the case in Europe, where the concept of biological terrain has been known and practiced for perhaps 75 years.

Biological terrain can be simply stated. Just as different crops thrive in one type of soil, and poorly or not at all in others, so too some diseases thrive in specific biological terrains, and cannot exist in others. Early in the 1900s, Professor Vincent of France charted the biological terrain by measuring the pH, rH2, and resistance of blood, saliva, and urine. He graphed these nine parameters of thousands of people; you can see this chart. Notice the line labeled Beginnende Krebsleiden;
if the blood (the circle in the middle labeled Blut) crossed this line you would have cancer; if the blood crossed a further line labeled Krebs unheilbar, the cancer would be irreversible. You can get fascinating informatin on Bioelectronic Vincent, here.

What does body pH mean? How do you know when your tissues are too acidic? Of the nine factors, you can easily measure the pH of your saliva and urine using litmus paper. Just these two factors will provide some indication of your terrain. Indeed, many health maintenance systems are based upon measuring just these two.

In fact, it would seem that just regulating the pH of your urine is sufficient to insure you do not get cancer. This chart shows how blood and urine relate to each other, according to Vincent. The horizontal axis shows pH; we are not concerned with the vertical axis that shows rH2 because it is difficult to measure at home. As you go from Chart 1 to 4, you can see how the blood becomes more alkaline (in the direction of cancer) while the urine compensates by becoming more acid; the body is dumping out excess acid. Eventually the blood will cross the curved line (cancer), and finally the straight line (irreversible cancer).

How to measure your terrain

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Correction and maintenance of terrain

Correction of terrain via dietary change can be accomplished by use of acid/alkaline food charts available on the internet. Caution: Different charts list foods differently. The books Alkalize or Die by Theodore A. Baroody, and Acid or Alkaline by Herman Aihara, provide much better detail. Your diet should, in general, be about 70% alkaline reacting and 30% acid reacting. Using the urine as a guide, if the pH is too acidic, increase the consumption of alkaline foods; if in the rare case it is too alkaline, slightly increase the consumption of acid foods, but be careful because it is a lot easier to become acid than it is to become alkaline. The addition of orange and/or lemon juice is very useful for increasing alkalinity of the urine. Follow the alkalarian diet.

If you are too acid, you will need your diet to be 90% or more alkaline to make the correction. That means, 90% by weight of what you eat will be from the alkaline side of the food chart, until you are back to normal.

I had a good pH of about 6.5, and somehow over a period of a few months allowed it to slip to a dangerous 4.5; since pH is on a log scale (each digit is a factor of 10), this is 100 times more acidic. I switched to a nearly 100% alkaline diet: Instead of wheat bread I ate quinoa bread; for beans I ate only lima beans (most grains and beans are acidic). I got off of milk products for a time. Within just a few days, I was up in the mid fives, and in a few weeks was back in the sixes. I have also found that adding 1/2 tsp of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to my juice twice a day was effective in raising pH.

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Health and the H- ion

There is a paradox in medicine that oxygen is necessary for life, but it is also the major cause of aging. A tremendous effort is being extended to find a combination of powerful antioxidants that may control or reverse cell damage by oxidative free-radicals. If you solve this problem, you would expect life span to increase. Patrick Flannagan studied the Hunzas to find out why they lived to be 120 years. He determined that their longevity was based on the peculiar properties of the water they drank. The water was free of mineral salts, but was loaded with colloidal minerals with special properties that preserved the H- ("H minus") ion. Yes, hydrogen can have a negative charge; when H2 is disassociated, one H becomes positive H+, the other H gets two electrons to become H-. The water proved to be a very large source of the H- ion which is not found in ordinary water. H- ions are powerful electron donors and free-radical scavengers that protect our cells from oxidative free-radical damage. But H- is unstable. You can make it by electrically ionizing water or by using magnetic fields, but it tends to dissipate. Apparently, cosmic rays would bombard the glaciers to make the H- ion, and the properties of the minerals would embed the H- ion within their structure and make it stable. It took Flannagan many years to duplicate, and actually improve upon, the Hunza water. It is distributed by Phisciences and is called Megahydrate. Flannagan, who is familiar with the nine parameters of biological terrain analysis, tested Megahydrate, and showed that it did indeed correct the terrain, in eighteen days what would normally take six months using diet alone. There may be other products that have been shown to correct terrain; if you know of any, let me know.

The Hunzas longevity was due to the water, without regard to dietary consideration. It may be that all the imbalances will be handled by maintaining adequate supply of the H- ion by using Megahydrate. A study conducted by Flannagan showed terrain to significantly improve in 18 days, what would normally take 6 months using diet only. By testing the pH of your saliva and urine, it won't take long for you to find out for yourself if Megahydrate changes your terrain. Also be sure you are taking care of the basics of health.

Another way to obtain the H- ion is to use a water ionizer. As long as you are going to drink water, make it ionized water. Typical flow-through units (that connect to the faucet) and batch units sell for $1,000 and up. If you are looking for an inexpensive no-frills unit, check out our HiddenCures Water Ionizer.