Why Drink Alkaline Ionized Water

Alkaline Water and Acid Water -- You Get Both!

Alkaline water and acid water are produced simultaneously when water is ionized, and both have benefits. In a batch ionizer, alkaline water is produced in one jug; the acid water is produced in the other. (In flow-through ionizers, the acid water is disposed by pipe into the sink). Alkaline water is consumed for it's many health benefits; acid water is not consumed but is used externally as a disinfectant -- it is also good for the hair and skin. This ionizer is not a purifier; you will need to begin the process with purified water.

Alkaline Water is Good for You

Powerful antioxidant protects cells from damage

The health benefits of drinking alkaline water are due to the presence of a powerful antioxidant known as the negative hydrogen ion. This H-minus ion is very short-lived and lasts only 12 to 18 hours.  Normal tap water has an ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of about +200 to +500 mV which makes it apt to acquire electrons, i.e., oxidize other molecules including your cells, thereby causing them damage. This is why you take anti-oxidants like Vitamin A, C, and E which provide electrons to donate to electron-thieving active oxygen (known as free radicals). Alkaline ionized water has an ORP of about minus 200 mV (standard strength), and minus 850 mV (maximum strength) which gives it a large mass of electrons ready to donate; alkaline water is a powerful anti-oxidant (free radical scavenger) that protects your cells from damage. It may be the most effective and economical source of antioxidant.

Reduces cluster size of water, reduces dehydration, improves nutrition to cells

Regular water has molecules that group in clusters of about 13 molecules which, when ionized, is reduced to about half that size, and surface tension is also reduced. Reduced cluster size and surface tension are believed to have beneficial effects upon ones health by allowing the water to penetrate the cells and tissues, thereby reducing chronic dehydration common in many people, and allowing the body to better deliver nutrients to all the cells, tissues, and organs.

Dissolves acid waste, reverses aging, improves various illnesses

Sang Whang, in his book Reverse Aging, defines aging as the accumulation of acid waste. He believes that alkaline water helps to dissolve acidic wastes that have accumulated over many years, and it reverses the aging process, lowers blood pressure and helps the heart work less hard. There are anecdotal reports of improvements in diabetes, constipation, ulcers, blood pressure, allergies, circulation, migraines, obesity, osteoporosis, and menstrual irregularities after drinking alkaline water every day for several months.  Inhibits excessive fermentation in the digestive tract resulting in a cleaner stool within days after being taken on a regular basis. The use of alkaline water as a preventive is reportedly expanding in Japanese clinics and hospitals.

Removes plaque from teeth

Teeth have a negative charge which attracts the positively charged plaque. The negative charge of ionized alkaline water effectively removes plaque from teeth by swishing for a few minutes. Use it instead of toothpaste.  

Acid Water is Good for External Use (Do Not Drink)

Kills bacteria and fungi

Acid water acts as a super-oxidant to disinfect and sterilize surfaces, skin, wounds, and surgical instruments. It will kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi by withdrawing electrons from them. Thus, it is good for cleaning hands, utensils, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, minor wounds, diabetic ulcers, and cutting boards. It can treat athletes foot, minor burns, insect bites, scratches, blisters, and so on. Use it as an antiseptic. When used on foods, it will reduce spoilage. 

Good for skin and hair

Helps heal cuts, blisters, scrapes, or rashes. Excellent treatment for acne, eczema, and for fungus such as athletes foot. Hair feels great after rinsing with it. Works as an astringent to pull skin tighter; improves complexion.  It removes skin oil and greasy dirt without harsh chemicals. Relieves chapped hands and dry, itchy skin. Provides excellent relief from mosquito bites, bee stings, poison ivy and poison oak.

Good for mouth

Gargle with it to relieve sore throats or  mouth sores. Use it as a mouthwash; it will sterilize the mouth.

Good for plants

Promotes plant growth and extends the life of cut flowers. Reduces fungus on rose bushes.


“Richard, I really want to thank you for making this Unit. I mean, it truly works and is inexpensive. It's very simplistic (even though I wouldn't have attempted to make one myself) and it works great! I admire your creativity in constructing it. Some of the simplest designs work the best. Thank you for making it. And at the price you market them at I hope you attract a lot of new customers.” T.N. - Lockport, New York

"The ionizer is working great. I can't believe what a difference it has made in my life. I can drink a full glass of water before retiring and not have to get up all night. I assume that is because I'm absorbing the water better. I'm drinking more (a gallon a day) and peeing less. Thanks so much for your wonderful product!" S.V.

From a Live-Blood Analysis Practitioner: "What I have noticed under the microscope that is visibly seen is when I use water after at least 5 hours or more of ionization, the red blood cells have a much more circular spherical shape, the cell membrane appears to be more rigid, and the cells become less crowded or more separate from one another.  ...  I have noticed on myself the effects of (strong) 8 hour ionized water batches under the microscope on the dry profile. In the 3 occasions when I added the strong batch and profiled my cells, I saw the tell-tail indicator that my filter organ (namely the liver) was in need of support. I can only conclude that this indicates that the amount of cleansing with the higher strength water does put stress on the filter system and might have to be monitored. When I knock off the high test the indicator subsides." MM

"I honestly so ADORE this ionizer, Richard. I'm tickled pink that I made such a WISE CHOICE getting yours! It even seems to have a "personality" to it, so much so, that I think I'm going to give it a NAME." CH - Franklin, NC

"I wanted to bid you kudos on your in-expensive water ionizer. I am a Mountain Biker (cyclist) and I have been supercharging my water for eight
hours before drinking. I have more wind during my climbs, I have less acidic burn in my legs (none) and more overall endurance during my rides. What a great product...Thanks for being on the planet!" JJ - Los Angeles, CA

"A friend told me about the Hiddencures website as I was looking for some solutions for my husband and my middle-age health problems. We studied the HiddenCures website data as well as the HiddenCancerCures data, and read the materials and books recommended on the site for establishing an alkaline balance in the body. I use the batch ionizer to make ion water daily, and we both adhere to the alkaline diet. In four months we have both had very noticeable improvements. We have more energy by far, sleep better, and though we were going for health not cosmetics, and did not diet, we both have lost over 10 lbs. This regimen has saved us a lot in doctor’s bills and has been a real life-saver.” J.H.

For the benefits of ionized water, see here.
For a more technical discussion see http://h-minus-ion.vpinf.org.


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